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Mr. Pete 2nd Degree Black Belt

   Peter Nich has always had a high interest in the Martial Arts that started at a young age. He would watch Kung Fu Masters and all of Bruce Lee’s television shows. He was in amazement with their movements and skills.


   In 1996, as an adult, Peter was able to take his first lesson in the Art of Ed Parkers Kenpo at Newark Kenpo Karate. With his first lesson under his belt, Peter was excited to say that he is studying Karate. Progressing through the ranks he realized that it wasn’t the color of the belt that was important to him, it was the knowledge he was gaining from it. It was the self-discipline, confidence and fitness that kept his passion alive and made him feel proud to be a part of Kenpo Karate. Peter enjoyed his studies immensely and couldn’t wait for the next lesson.

   Having the opportunity in 1997 to start assisting the Instructors was one of the biggest achievements for him. It gave him the opportunity to give back what he had learned from the Art. With this experience, he realized he wanted to teach karate for the rest of his life. One of the most rewarding experiences for Peter was achieving his Black Belt rank in September 2001. Achieving his Black Belt, he was now considered an official Instructor of the Art. This showed Peter that with patience and determination, anything can be achieved.

Peter Nich, founder and owner of Palmetto Kenpo Karate. Third Degree Black Belt and member of the American Kenpo Karate International

   Instructing his own classes, Peter is continuing to give back to the students of Kenpo.

He continues his studies by traveling to seminars around the world. Peter has traveled to Las Vegas, Wyoming and Amsterdam to continue learning the Art of Kenpo Karate. Through his Kenpo journey, Peter has dreamed of opening a studio of his own to teach the Innovative Art of Paul Mill’s Kenpo Karate.

   In 2010 that dream came true as he started teaching Kenpo Karate in his garage. In October of 2011, Peter founded Palmetto Kenpo Karate and has a great group of local students. Accomplishing the dream of owning his own business, he is now able to continue to give back to the Art of Kenpo. He is forever grateful for the knowledge that was taught to him by Mr. Paul Mills, Ms. Kathy Owen and Ms. Marlene Shear, who are his Instructors.      


   In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Elda Lyn and our three sons Josh, Jacob and Jonah and our Grandchildren, Emma, Asher and Guinevere. Josh and his wife Brittney enjoy spending time with their children, Emma, Asher and Guinevere.

   As well as spending time with his family, Peter is an avid knife collector. Some of the knives he has in his collection were specifically designed for the Art of Kenpo by Mr. Paul Mills. In addition to his passion for Kenpo and collecting knives, he graduated from the Lexington County Sherriff’s Department Citizens Academy and takes an interest and active role in the local community.

Palmetto Kenpo Karate Staff

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