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  Here at Palmetto Kenpo Karate, it is our goal to entertain and educate our students of all ages to build coordination, basic motor skills, teach courtesy, fair play and a sense of accomplishment. Each class is structured to teach physical, mental and social skills. We strive to build coordination, concentration and confidence in each student through disciplined classroom activities and individualized goal setting. The curriculum can be tailored to any individual young, old, fit or physically challenged. 
  Students learn that respecting themselves and others is as important as the techniques and skills that they learn. HONESTY, COURTESY, RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, LOYALTY, and COURAGE are the motivating values of Palmetto Kenpo Karate and are the expected characteristics of all of our students. 
Excellent Self-Defense, Like No Other!
  At Palmetto Kenpo Karate, we teach the innovations of American Kenpo Karate found within the AKKI, founded by 10th Degree Black Belt Master Paul Mills. The foundation of the AKKI curriculum was founded by the late 10th Degree Black Belt Senior Grand Master Ed Parker. Although we use the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate as our base, the AKKI has expanded the standard Kenpo curriculum to include many new Empty Hand Techniques and Forms as well as Grappling, Ground fighting, and Weapons such as knives and sticks. 
  We train individually and with partnered training drills designed to develop spontaneity, power, accuracy and proficiency in the practitioner of this explosive and extremely effective modern art of American Kenpo Karate. As you progress, you will be tested when ready, and you will move on to new skills and techniques. Your proficiency in Kenpo Karate will be reflected by the color of the belt you wear. 
  AKKI students are known for their speed, power, and distinctive timing abilities. These abilities can be heard as well as felt during self-defense applications. Its simplistic use and effectiveness make American Kenpo Karate one of the most popular martial arts in the world today. It also provides a path to grow, excel, and to reach new heights of awareness both in ourselves and the world around us. 
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